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Sony sells iPod dockable speakers


Eagle-eyed reader Mark spotted this product as it was being added to the display racks at his local Sony Style store: the Sony iPod Audio Docking Station CPF-IP001 is a $250 desktop speaker set featuring the ubiquitous (at least, on gear from other manufacturers) iPod dock connector, onboard DSP, separate line-in, and 15W subwoofer.

If this is the first Sony product that bears "Made for iPod" certification -- and it's the first I can find before my coffee is ready -- it emphasizes the passing of the audio torch from the 20th century's top consumer electronics brand (the Sony Walkman) to the 21st century's equivalent (guess what).

Hello, Sony. So glad you could join us! Welcome to the social; enjoy your ice cream.

Update: Commenters have noted that some Sony car stereo products (recent XPLOD models in particular) may include iPod dock connectors. I am still looking for any prior home-audio products from the Big S that have the dock.

Thanks Mark!

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