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Jack Thompson faces disciplinary action


Karma is making her rounds and Jack Thompson is looking to be on top of that list. As GamePolitics reports, Thompson was recommended for review following five counts of professional misconduct (three related to his video game violence campaign). If the charges hold up in front of the Florida Supreme Court, Thompson faces disciplinary action and possible disbarment.

Of course, Thompson isn't taking this laying down. In a statement to GamePolitics he said, "A referee is appointed and we have a trial. The Supreme Court reviews it later. The trial isn't going to happen, however. I have sued The Bar in Circuit Court. It's in far more trouble than I am." That's right! He sued the Florida bar!

There is no word yet on when the referee appointed by the Florida Supreme Court will rule on Thompson's alleged misconduct. Just remember, when the world ends there will be three things left: Cockroaches, Cher and Jack Thompson.

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