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Medis Technologies unveils portable fuel cell power pack

Darren Murph

Yeah, we won't even need fuel cells as soon as EEStor's miracle-working ultracapacitor-based battery system starts powering the world at large, but until then, we're still fielding applications for alternative sources of juice. Medis Technologies has introduced a fuel cell for your pocket, which provides auxiliary power for cellphones, DAPs / PMPs, PDAs, digicams, and pretty much anything else that relies on an internal, rechargeable battery. Touted as being "years ahead of its time," this self-proclaimed must-have gadget works off a Direct Liquid Fuel Cell (DLFC), and can supposedly provide up to 30 hours of talk time to any mobile, and between 60 and 80 hours of playback time for your iPod. Of course, there are no hard details promising us when we'll see this portable power unit, nor any indication of how expensive it'll be when it finally lands, but if lofty life claims turn out to be true, it might not be too shabby.

[Via PocketPCThoughts]

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