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Mac-compatible USB MIssile Launcher at Last

Mat Lu

Continuing the spirit of Erica's crazy USB peripheral posts from last week, now comes news that one of the most tragic of Mac deprivations is finally at an end. I speak, of course, of the lack of Mac drivers for the USB Missile Launchers released back in 2005, and available from Refusing to stand for the gross injustice of the Windows-only software, David Wilson has hacked his USB Missile Launcher driver for OS X. His driver seems to work both for the original USB Missile Launcher and a similar USB Rocket Launcher.

David's USB Missile Launcher Software is Open Source and a free download, though of course you'll need the launchers which run about $40 and are sadly out of stock at the moment at ThinkGeek. Nonetheless, the day has finally dawned for Mac cubicle warriors to compete with their Windows counterparts on an even playing field. A big TUAW 'attaboy for David!

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