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Mead's Five Star school binder with integrated speaker

Darren Murph

There are bookbags and knapsacks aplenty with built-in speakers and iPod interfaces, but what about those blissful days where you've just got a single class on the docket and only need a single binder? Mead's latest kit, albeit a bit on the childish side to be proudly used in a college environment, rocks the rugged, paper-holding ability that binders have had for years, but rather than reinventing the proverbial wheel, this speaker-packed Five Star notebook has simply evolved with the times. Featuring those same bright, vivid color schemes that lose their luster with haste, this class organizer reportedly features an iPod / DAP connection (likely a 3.5-millimeter aux input) and a set of built-in speakers, but the RMS rating, battery life, and overall sound quality remains in question. Still, these tune-playing binders should hit your favorite retailers just a hair before your middle-schooler forces you to go "back to school shopping" in the late-summer timeframe.

[Via Textually]

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