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Capcom opens community portal

Ross Miller

A company blog? How novel! Capcom has opened up a new community portal in what appears to be an embracing of the blogging culture. Capcom Unity is a corporate community site that highlights the Capcom forum, developer blogs, and company news with the ability to leave comments on news posts.

The move is one in a series of English language, community-based moves by Capcom, which include a marketing blitz for Lost Planet that culminated in a massive launch party in San Francisco. We applaud the easy-to-use interface, but is there a business-friendly side effect of the site, in that it helps the company filter fan content?

Capcom Unity joins the echelon of sites like the NSider forums, Microsoft's blogs, and to a lesser extent Sony's Three Speech. We think this is a great move that gives the company a voice in the community; we hope more big-name publishers follow similar trends.

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