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LG's five new 1080p Time Machine plasma and LCD TVs with built-in DVRs


Like your digital video recorder and TV integrated do you? Well, be sure to check the third generation "Time Machine" line-up from LG just announced in Korea and heading our way sometime soon. All five of the new Full HD 1080p televisions feature dual integrated HD tuners allowing you to watch one channel while recording from the other or watch the two side-by-side should your ADD so require. They also feature USB 2.0 from which you can sling additional disk; good thing too since LG skimps with just a single 250GB 160GB disk drive in the unit. The new embedded-PVR sets are available as 50-inch (50PB3DR) and 60-inch (60PY3DR) plasmas or 37-inch (37LY3DR), 42-inch (42LY3DR), and 47-inch (47LY3DR) LCDs. LG doesn't provide any real specifications but we've already seen other sets announced from both the PY3D series of plasmas and LY3D series of LCDs. As such, it's reasonable to expect 3x HDMI and component inputs on the PDPs and hopefully LG's Wide Color Gamut and 120Hz TrueMotion Drive technology on the LCDs. We'll also hopefully see CableCard support as with their previous generation of sets. However, we'll have to wait for the US announcement to be certain. You'll pay between 2,500,000KRW ($2,650) and 4,700,000KRW ($4,982) for the LCDs or around 4,000,000KRW ($4,240) for the 50-inch PDP on up to 8,900,000KRW ($9,435) for the 60-incher.


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