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Root Beer Tapper brings non-alcoholic fun to XBLA


Not to be confused with the highly controversial and equally disturbing hunting sim, Rude Bear Trapper, this Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade release is none other than the classic study in bartending technique, Root Beer Tapper. Being the non-alcoholic version of 1983's Tapper, the game sees players tending to a bunch of surprisingly demanding bar patrons. Failure to deliver the beers, excuse us, root beers, to your dehydrated cowboy and football player patrons often results in a gross violation of personal space. Just imagine how rowdy the hard alcoholics must get!

Appended to the Xbox 360 version of the game are the usual enhanced graphics, gamerscore points, online versus and co-op modes and, of course, a 400 point price ($5). Catch your mugs, tend your bars and tap your root beers this Wednesday at 1AM PST.

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