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Splinter Cell 'spy girl' a Double Agent, on PS3 & 360


Ubisoft has clarified that the Splinter Cell: Double Agent 'spy girl' multiplayer skin will be available for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The skin will be included in the PS3 release (scheduled for March), along with a pair of new multiplayer maps and additional co-op challenges. Xbox 360 players will be able to download the skin through an upcoming Xbox Live Marketplace offer.

Ubisoft has yet to confirm the new maps and co-op challenges for Xbox 360, or publicize whether or not the spy girl skin (and any additional content) will be free to download. Given that Microsoft has already invested so much in the franchise, securing a console-exclusive deal for the next Splinter Cell game, our guess is that any new Double Agent content featured in the PS3 version will be eventually offered on Xbox 360 -- for a price.

[Via Eurogamer]

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