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360 vs PS3, the race to a 65nm processor

Dustin Burg

What's the big difference between a 90nm and a 65nm processor? Well, a lot of cash if you are Microsoft or Sony. has taken a look at the battle between Microsoft and Sony and the journey to get their respective consoles' processors to be smaller. Not only is there a bunch of technical improvements with a smaller die, but the hardware cost would drop significantly (roughly $50 per console). We don't fully agree with the article's "race" argument, but think that whichever company can do the most with the processor change will be the victor. Whether it be price cuts, a sleeker console design, or the removal of the huge power brick, it's all about what the companies do with the new technology. Which begs the question, who would be up for getting a new Xbox 360 if it had a smaller processor?

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