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DXG announces 5MP boringcam for the tweens


So, mommy and daddy are too cheap to spring for an AVCHD cam, what's an up-and-coming Spielberg to do? Snap up a DXG-506V, shoot those vids, and curse every minute of it. For $150 you can have your pick of a few different colored cameras, each with a 5.1 megapixel sensor and VGA 30 fps video recording. There's 32MB of built-in memory, along with an SD card slot to boost the minutes of crappy video or number of crappy pictures you can capture. The device also works as an MP3 player, voice recorder or webcam, and includes a 1.7-inch flip-out LCD screen, along with useless 4x digital zoom and 12 megapixel upsampling features. The 506V runs on three AAA batteries, and should be available now at major retailers.

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