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Blizz: Regular nether drakes may be available next patch


Level 70s who've spent a lot of time in Shadowmoon Valley may have noticed that they're able to get neutral with the Netherwing Faction. Several of my guildmates who did the quest chain, which ends with you killing Zuluhed, were disappointed that they weren't able to grind up to exalted and get a nether drake mount. It's already been stated that armored nether drakes will be the prize for the top arena PVP team each season, but what about the regular drakes?

Drysc said Monday that in the next content patch, players can probably expect a questline for a 310 percent speed nether drake mount. He refused to give any more details about the quest, though. Most speculators are guessing that it will be a continuation of the Shadowmoon Valley chain, probably involving a horrifically long Wintersaberesque reputation grind. Some more cynical players said they expected it to not only be a rep grind, but involve drops you can only get from high-level raids, to keep the mounts rare.

Would you grind for a nether drake mount, or will you be content on your 280 percent speed swift windrider or griffon?

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