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Japanese release day highlights: 02.08.07

Jonti Davies

Another Thursday in Japan, another round of lovely digital entertainment. Today is our favourite day of the week -- even more so than Sunday. We put our skates on (not literally, you understand) and got down to our local game dealer for some home cooking, mama. Here's what we picked up, the best of this fine February release day:

  • Cooking Mama (today we've been twirling pizza dough, fiercely whisking eggs, and rolling ham around asparagus spears -- tomorrow, we're going to try some haute cuisine; Wii)
  • Virtua Fighter 5 (yes, it's just a bit good; PS3)
  • Out Run 2 Special Tour (back to Japan in time for its 20th anniversary, but only just, and how we've been waiting for another Passing Breeze; PS2)
  • Jet Impulse (this game is giving us impulses already, but what have the skies done to deserve our ascent?; DS)
  • Luminous Arc (marvelous strategy from Marvelous; DS)

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