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Mainnav MG-920 Bluetooth GPS receiver touts FM transmitter

Darren Murph

Cramming superfluous (or useful) extras into GPS receivers definitely isn't new, but Mainnav's trying to go out a bit further on that limb by adding an interesting feature that could actually be put to good use in the right situation. While most of you probably carry an all-in-one NAV with a built-in GPS receiver, the MG-920 is designed to connect to Bluetooth navigation systems that need a little help syncing with satellites, and although the SiRF Star III LP chip and rechargeable Li-ion cell are entirely average, the bottom-mounted FM transmitter allows a turn-by-turn instructor to be channeled to one's FM radio. Once the device syncs with a navigation unit, the audio is then piped to the Mainnav via a 3.5-millimeter audio cable, and if you're actually in one of those remote areas where an FM transmitter can broadcast something other than fuzz, you're good to go. Per usual, there's no word on pricing or availability just yet, but judging by the surface, it seems like this thing requires a few too many connections to make the consolidation freaks happy anyway.

[Via NaviGadget]

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