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Camelbak teams with Skullcandy on speaker-packed Hellion hydration pack

Darren Murph

Joining the growing array of wintry kit suited to help your day at the slopes be a bit more like you never left your AV center, the Camelbak Hellion SC delivers a hydration pack, gear compartments, and few electronics to boot. The brand best know for its wide variety of liquid-toting backpacks has teamed up with Skullcandy on its latest offering, and while the whole color / design scheme is a bit too flamboyant for our tastes, the spec list isn't half bad. Aside from all the random pockets for your keys, gloves, Cheetos, and deodorant, you'll find a 100-ounce sack to keep your Kool-Aid chilled as well as a battery-powered LINK system that pipes audio from any 3.5-millieter audio out jack into the integrated speakers. Sadly, there doesn't appear to be any Bluetooth connectivity or a way to dictate anything other than volume from the strap-mounted "soft touch panel," but boarders that don't already have DAP access on their helmet, coat, or beanie can snap this up right now for just under $250.

[Via Talk2MyShirt]

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