Nike kicks out Performance Hatphones for your iPod nano

If you poor souls have really been running around with one of the iSoundCap contraptions on your dome in order to bring your iPod a bit closer to your skull, you've finally got a somewhat stylish alternative. Seeing a huge opportunity, Nike has jumped into the strap-your-DAP-on-your-head game with its Performance Hatphones. No, there's no Bluetooth connectivity or any other connection to a mobile handset, but we're assuming Nike is just replacing "ear" with "hat" and calling it a day. Anyways, the fleece caps are designed to keep your noggin toasty while providing a "fully functional iPod nano click wheel" on the outer rim -- you know, so you appear to be calling yourself "loco" while scrolling from Abba to Zebrahead. So if you're looking for the perfect winter companion to your C.O.R.E. Backpack iD (or just really love the swoosh), you can pick one of these up for yourself or the opposite sex in a variety of colors for $60 a pop.

[Via Slashgear]