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Caption Contest: Giant Wiimote rivals original Xbox controller in size


Look, see? Her face is blurred out, it's totally anonymous. We don't know where this gargantuan Wiimote came from, and we don't know where it's going, so don't hold back. Let's hear the worst console-related cheap shots you've got, we know you have it in you.

Paul: "Sadly, Susy's brand new Wiimote suffered from a defective strap as well." or "Despite controller innovations, the Wii2's graphics capabilities remained relatively unchanged."
Evan: "Julie and her little friends would always regret the day they decided to play Wii baseball with that oversize novelty controller."
Ryan: "They make you buy this for Wii Sports: Surfing and Bodybuilding."
Chris: "Affectionately known as 'The Duchess,' Nintendo's first-generation Wiimote never saw the light of day after a rousing round of Bowling left eight dead at Nintendo headquarters."
Donald: "This new Wii exercise regime is really starting to pay off."
Thomas: "Someday your Mii will control you."

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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