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New Zealand teen jacks Xbox 360, divulges credentials to Microsoft

Darren Murph

Apparently, a 14-year old teenager in New Zealand doesn't visit Engadget (or use his brain) a whole lot -- you'd think that team of crooks who swiped a PlayStation, only to return for the power cord and eventually end up in police custody might have swayed him from doing the exact same thing. Not so. Oddly enough, the teen in question jacked the console and left the oh-so-critical power cable behind, but instead of devising yet another heist, he simply phoned Microsoft, gave out all his credentials (including the machine's serial number), and awaited the cable. In the meantime, the irate original owner dialed up the company as well; after discovering that his Xbox 360 had already been registered to its thief, he registered to obtain a court order to induce Microsoft to release the bandit's details. (Jailarity ensues.) So while our first PSA must not have been potent enough, we'll simply reiterate that stealing consoles probably isn't your calling if you can't even remember the accessories.

[Via Xbox 360 News]

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