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Nokia gives away Smart2go mapping software starting now

Brian White

When we first learned of Nokia's pending Smart2Go mobile mapping program, we were quite enthused. That is to say, Nokia wanted to follow the business model of giving certain mobile users a taste of mobile phone-based navigation (for free) but having available a turn-by-turn satellite navigation option (for a fee). Well, Nokia has now made its Smart2Go navigation software -- with downloadable maps from TeleNav and Navteq as well -- freely available as of tomorrow morning, and surely we'll see customers from all 150 countries that Smart2Go contains maps for start flooding Nokia's special download website to get the app right onto their phones. In the process, maybe Nokia's servers will get flooded and bring the entire system down. Ok, there's a little dramatic license there. But seriously, if you want to get this new app onto your Symbian or WM5 device -- yes, it'll eventually be available for both platforms -- get in virtual line for tomorrow and get your download on.

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