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Ericsson offers home GSM with WiFi access point


Ericsson (yes, sans Sony) unveiled what it calls the Femto Cell Solution this weekend, a wireless access point for the home that broadcasts GSM, WCDMA, and WiFi wireless standards. Yes, you read that correctly: a wireless access point with GSM, designed for the home. By routing voice calls over a broadband internet connection to a backend VoIP system, the Femto can both boost cellphone signals for use in the home, and provide an easy way of letting network operators offer services tuned to the needs of customers that have abandoned their phone lines (hopefully meaning cheaper bundles.) Once it's all setup, cellphone users should simply have to walk within range to take advantage of the better signal emanating from the "world's smallest GSM radio base station." The only downside that we can see to all this is the potential for more health scares, seeing as this combines two of the wireless standards that have drawn the most publicity in this area (no matter how illogical some of it seems.) Still, if you can bear the thought of introducing yet another radio transmitter to your humble abode, then look for the Femto through select network operators around the middle of this year. Remember, you can always rely on your old friend, Mr. Tin Foil.

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