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MOTOKRZR K3 with 3G gets official


No surprises here: we got wind of an upcoming 3G MOTOKRZR K3 with 2 megapixel camera in January, and by golly that's what Motorola is delivering. Of course, the looks are pretty much in line with the original KRZR, other than some missing external media controls and, of course, the fact that this one actually does stuff. For radios, Motorola finally has the HSDPA and UMTS that should've been in here from the start, along with stereo Bluetooth, and things get extra fun with the rear-facing 2 megapixel camera and the front-facing VGA camera designed for video calls. The phone also includes 50MB of available built-in memory, a microSD slot, 2-inch QVGA display and some decent media playback and recording capabilities. Moto should be pushing this one out in Q1 2007.

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