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Motorola's new Qs: Q gsm and Q q9


Nokia's got their E61i, and Motorola's got their Q. Not just any ol' Q though, today they've the new Q, two of them actually: the MOTO Q q9 (pictured left) and MOTO Q gsm (on right). The 11.8-mm thin q9 brings quad-band EDGE and HSDPA to this Windows Mobile 6 device for accessing all your PlaysForSure media over the air or stored in either the side-loading microSD card or 256MB of on-board memory. It also brings a USB 2.0 jack and 320 x 240 pixel display which automatically adjusts for indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. The q9 is capable of capturing video at 30fps off it's integrated 2 megapixel camera with LED light. It also brings plenty of multimedia power to the table with A2DP stereo Bluetooth audio and support for all the audio and video formats associated with the latest edition of WinMo. The MOTO Q gsm then is just what you expect: quad-band GSM and EDGE on a WinMo 6 OS. It brings a slightly different design including a thumb-wheel for navigation. The Q q9 is expected by Q2 with the quad-band Q gsm on the way in the second half of 2007.

Update: It turns out the device on the left is the q9 -- the more advanced of Motorola's GSM-radioed Qs, while the one on the right is the more pedestrian Q gsm. Makes sense to us, considering the q9's redone (sexier?) cosmetics. Our apologies for the confusion!

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