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RIM's new Blackberry 8800 gets worked over

Brian White

The nasty details on the newer Blackberry 8800 are in the form of a review. Is it a sports car or a gussied-up luxury SUV, though? LAPTOP Review sides with the latter, as RIM's latest offering sports onboard GPS (we knew that) and TeleNav software built right in for an extra $10 per month charge. While you won't mistake this for a Motorola Q or even a Blackberry Pearl, the 8800's 2.4 inch screen, large-capacity battery and looks-to-be-quite-useful QWERTY keyboard are the highlights according to the review -- all of which make the 8800 rather wide -- but still holdable. Just like most of you, we're kinda partial to wider screens instead of taller screens -- that is, unless you read your emails in "portrait" fashion. One downer? The voice quality was a little fuzzy on the incoming side according to the review. Price? $299 from Cingular for this EDGE (but not HSDPA) beauty with a 2 year contract for one of RIM's newest with a feature list as long as your arm.

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