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Korea's Kedcom showcases T-DMB PoDi handheld

Darren Murph

While it seems that a new T-DMB-equipped portable video player hits the South Korean market every week or so, Kedcom is busting out its own flavor, but not without taking a stealthy approach at swiping the oh-so-popular Apple moniker. Out of all the potential device names in the world, this glossy black handheld somehow boasts "PoDi," which eerily resembles "iPod" to even the untrained eye, but nevertheless, this pocket-friendly TV viewer boasts a sizable antenna, T-DMB capabilities, a 3.2-inch LCD, internal speaker, headphone out, FM radio tuner, kickstand, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Additionally, it weighs just 77 grams, plays nice with a matching docking station, and can reportedly be synchronized with a car stereo via FM. Of course, we've no details concerning price or future availability, but we're sure Cupertino's trademark militia is already on the prowl.

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