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Rock Box melds MCE jukebox with beer cooler

Darren Murph

Talk about one-upping. No sooner than the cutesy soccer ball cooling station graced our eyes, MCE Integrations is upping the ante quite substantially with its latest cooler / jukebox hybrid. Partnering with Icehouse, this brew-lover's dream come true sports the tried and true jukebox allure, a built-in cooler for keeping the stash on ice, a flipout touchscreen HDTV, and an Aopen Mini PC to run the show. Current models are still running Windows MCE 2005, but the company promises that we'll see Vista Home Premium loaded on them later this year. Although we don't expect the Rock Box to be hitting any mainstream retailers in the near future, those looking to add yet another novelty to their game room or recently opened pub can snag the baseline unit for around $6,500, and for those abstaining from alcoholic intake, the cooler can be replaced by a subwoofer for some serious (and sober) room-rattling action.

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