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SSPS-1 Speaker System keeps you safe, annoys your friends


Safe Sound Sports' SSPS-1 Speaker System might be a bit "S" zealous, but it's also serious about keeping your jogger hiney safe on those mean streets -- even at the expense of bothering everyone around you. See, these new SSPS-1 speakers clip onto your clothing to keep your ears free to hear "potential attackers, traffic noise, animals and other serious threats." Of course, this means your Private Mix of Power won't be so private anymore, and there's no chance these non-powered speakers are going to be near as dynamically rich as your average pair of earbuds, but with The Man cracking down on headphone use, it might be your only option in a year or so -- and hey, the whole "not getting hit by cars" thing is always kind of neat. The SSPS-1 Speakers are available now for $20.

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