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New ROM for that Cingular 8525: BB Connect, Cingular Video and PTT

Brian White

The Cingular / AT&T 8525 -- aka the HTC TyTn -- is in the hands of many customers now. Would'ja believe that a new ROM is starting to surface that glosses on some of AT&T biggie features, though? Try these on for size: Push-To-Talk, Cingular (or, AT&T) Video and Blackberry Connect. Make that a pretty huge ROM upgrade for that newer 8525. If you're among the brave to install it, those additions may just breathe new life into your TyTn. Oh yeah -- xda-developers is stating that a new AT&T (yes, let's all capitalize together) logo is included on the boot splash screen. Super. As luck would have it, though, all ROM images may be going away from xda-developers next week as well.

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