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OLPC project readies first large-scale XO test


The OLPC project has shipped a few test units here or there, but it's finally ramping things up in the lead-up to July, when they'll start producing five million of the lime-green things. This shipment, however, is quite a bit more modest than that: 2,500 laptops are heading to Brazil, Uruguay, Libya, Rwanda, Pakistan, Thailand and possibly Ethiopia and the West Bank. Soon after that will come Indonesia and a few other countries. Strangely, this Reuters report still seems to imply that the pull-string "salad spinner" generator is new on the scene, or perhaps not even ready yet, which doesn't bode well for the project that is no doubt in need of finalizing designs. But no matter, all we needed to know was that these things were finally getting into the hands of OLPC clients around the world that are the ones that will actually be committing these absurd amounts of dollars to their children's education, who cares if they work!

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