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Xda-Developers to pull all ROM images next week


Microsoft has asked that the revered Xda-Developers site take down all Windows Mobile device ROM images. Sadly, it was inevitable that this day would eventually come. For those not in the know, the Xda-Developer forums are the uncrowned king or top shelf contender for any and all help, tips, tools or hacks for just about anything in the Windows Mobile world. In the past, Microsoft has asked to have images that were pre-release removed and the moderators always obliged, this time it would appear that it is for keeps. In conversation with Microsoft they argued that although the ROM images contain Microsoft software, having them available to the community doesn't necessarily hurt Microsoft's interests as their revenue stream ends with the purchase of the device proper. We will leave the legal debate to the lawyers, but the site is going to comply with the request. If you are into all that Windows Mobile tweaking and cooking – we suggest you get there posthaste and greedy as much stuff as you can before it is gone for good. Administrator Peter Poelman puts it rather succinctly at the end of the announcement he posted this morning: "The vendor giveth, and the vendor taketh away." Oh yeah, happy Valentine's day.

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