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Guitar Hero II aims to have the most Marketplace content

Jared Rea

In an interview that featured more ducked questions than a limbo contest at a mallard convention, Red Octane's Ted Lange managed to boast a little regarding their plans for Guitar Hero II and the Xbox Live Marketplace. When asked about the service, Lange points out that while they're still working on the fine details, Red Octane's current plans include having the most content available for any game to date.

This can, of course, be a very good thing or a very bad thing. Still, a bold statement nonetheless.

What could Red Octane possibly offer in order to follow through with these plans? The most obvious chunk of content are songs from the original Guitar Hero, but it could also be anything from new characters skins to original songs. Our wallets can only hope that they recognize the thin line between what is a micro- and what is a macro- transaction.

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