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Clover Studios replaced by Seeds?

Nick Doerr

After the lackluster sales of the absolutely gorgeous and stunning Okami, Capcom closed down their Clover Studios -- also responsible for Viewtiful Joe. Well, doors officially close next month, but it doesn't seem to be the end of the Clover team. Far from it, in fact. Atsushi Inaba, CEO of the defunct Clover, has created a new software development studio named Seeds.

There are over 50 members on staff, including the director of Devil May Cry and creator of Resident Evil, Hideki Kimaya and Shinji Mikami, respectively. Most of the Clover team has signed on as artists, composers and character designers. What isn't known is if this new studio will have any ties to Capcom. In either case, seems we won't be lacking the artistic, gorgeous games Clover is known for. Good luck, Seeds!

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