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GameStop reaching out for your Twilight Princess


Ring, ring ... ring, ring. Have you recently been disturbed by Aeris' dinnertime calls? GameStop's automated insider dialed up Opposable Thumbs to drop a hot tip: Twilight Princess now has a $35 trade-in value -- "if you're finished with it, why don't you bring it to the store and trade it in?"

Apparently GameStop, which controls most of the US's used-games market, is squirreling away as many of those one million Zelda copies in circulation as it can, just in time for ... spring? GameStop's spam-calls might indicate that the retailer is not reaching its double-sale quota. GameStop is probably having trouble buying back copies of Twilight Princess (so it can sell them again for a solid profit); likely because consumers are holding on to the game. And so the calls go out.

Inside the store is one thing -- but pestering your loyal customers on their phones? That's just squirrelly business practice.

[Thanks, 32_Footsteps]

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