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Roguetastic: Five reasons to level lockpicking to 350


It always amazes me that many rogues never bothered to level up their lockpicking. It particularly amazes me when a level 70 rogue shoves a lockbox into my trade window, or I run into a rogue standing helplessly with a group outside of Arcatraz, totally locked out. So as an emergency service to the rogue community, Roguetastic presents Five Reasons To Level Lockpicking To 350.

  1. You never have to get your Shattered Halls, Arcatraz, or Shadow Labs keys. In fact, you can stand outside the door and charge unprepared groups to let them in. Or if you're nice, you can do it for free and get a reputation for goodwill on your server. Perhaps you can even form a guild called <Doorman> and wear a tuxedo. You can also shock your Shattered Halls group by picking the door leading to the first boss. All the groups I was in just headed down to the sewer, not even considering that I could pick it.
  2. You can get a largely endless supply of blinding powder by picking the junkboxes you get from pickpocketing humanoid mobs. You can also sometimes find some neat stuff in them, like gnome effigies.
  3. You can make a good amount of money by just announcing "Picking all lockboxes free, tips appreciated!" while standing around in Ironforge, Orgrimmar or Shattrath. Sure, there'll be a cheapskate or two that doesn't tip, but there's always that one guy who tips, like, two gold for one lockbox. Maybe he's drunk.
  4. You can be nice and open locked chests in instances. I open them for my groups with the reasonable "fee" of me being allowed to take anything that would really be an upgrade for me, which never ever happens. On the other hand, if you're in some jerky pug with a priest that announces that all rogues are useless, a tank who can't hold aggro for anything in the world, a mage who pyroblasts your saps, and a warlock who's AFK half the time, feel free to announce that you can't pick the chest. Wait for them all to hearth out and then sneak back and take it. Consider it a "jerk fee."
  5. It takes about fifteen minutes to level from 300. Just go to the broken camp in the south of Zangarmarsh, sneak around, and pick all the little chests. It's as easy as pie!

Have you found any other good reasons to level your lockpicking? Ever find something cool in a locked chest?

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