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Brooktown High's girls become hotter? [Update 2]

Steven Bailey

While browsing 4chan (NSFW) I came across this anime fan redo of the Brooktown High: Senior Year girls. The basic idea was that the current art for dating sim Brooktown High is unattractive (I can't help but agree). So this image shows what would happen if Brooktown High were made in Japan. I still think the art isn't perfect, but the girls look far more attractive than the current game versions.. Kinda makes me wish Konami just translated Tokimeki Memorial and brought that out here rather than this. Because no matter how good the gameplay is in a dating sim, if the girls aren't hot, who's going to be motivated to play? Would you rather see anime style girls in your dating sims or do you somehow find the original Brooktown High art sexy?

[Update 1: Added NSFW clarification]

[Update 2: Changed offending words]

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