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Archos 704 photographed in the wild

Darren Murph

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Hot on the heels of Archos releasing the source code for its Generation 4 lineup of portable media players comes a bevy of snapshots of the company's elusive 704 "mobile DVR," complete with claims that it's already available for purchase in some parts of the world. While we'd seen a few grainy photos of the unit before, and just recently got a bit more information regarding the innards, we finally have something substantial to go by. According to an ArchosFans user, his shiny new 704 supports the DVR Station used by the 604, offers up just 40GB of internal storage, and comes with a pair of USB 2.0 ports, headphones, cabling, two styli, an 800 x 480 resolution display, wireless remote, charger, and the obligatory WiFi functionality. It was noted that the 40GB of built-in space was a small letdown, but the ease of hooking up an external HDD somewhat "mitigated that limitation." Still, you better know quite well that this will make all your dreams come true, because ringing up at $1,099SGD ($717), this thing doesn't come cheap -- but even if you're not down with coughing up that much dough for this bad boy just yet, feel free to click through for a few more glamor shots of a retail 704.

[Via GenerationMP3]

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