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Next Wii channel could be 'Nintendo Power'


Plucked from Nintendo's brain trust and tucked into the tail end of MTV's recent interview with Reggie Fils-Aime is the latest Wii channel concept: Nintendo Power. "We have a tremendous amount of old Nintendo Power content ... that we could present to consumers," Reggie told MTV.

The interview (the one where Reg dodges the "Where's Metroid?" question) doesn't delve further into the thought, leading us to believe the digital archive is a ways from fruition. Still, coupled with Virtual Console, a back catalogue could provide a valuable resource for those digging around for tips and strategies -- or just general information about games of yesteryear. And, of course, Nintendo is never one to underestimate the nostalgia factor, always eager to find another familiar to resell to old-timers -- that's assuming the archive would be pay-to-view. Would you subscribe (again)?

[Via Supercabra]

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