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LG KU970: a Shine with HSDPA?

Chris Ziegler

One area where the LG Shine doesn't, well... shine is in the data department. If you can look past the rather dazzling shell of the KE970 and take a glance at the spec sheet, you'll find that it lacks any semblance of 3G-ness, but not to fret: it looks like LG is acknowledging that fatal flaw and correcting it with the KU970. Czech site is reporting that the phone's formula will stay basically untouched from its predecessor; improvements will be mostly in the guts, with an HSDPA radio, 512MB of onboard storage, and a front-facing cam for video calling. Seems believable enough, considering that the Shine's look is fresh and a model matching the KU970's description just hit the FCC. Any love for the US 3G bands here, LG?

[Via Unwired View]

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