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The do-it-yourself SSD adapter


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If you can't afford the real deal, then prepare to get your jank on with this, the not-so-poor-man's solid state disk. The SDB25SD from GeekStuff4U can host up to 4x SD (not SDHC) cards for a maximum capacity of 8GB. Just slip the four cards into the 2.5-inch sled which then slots-in to any available IDE connector where -- presumably -- the total capacity is presented as a single disk volume... who knows? So how much would you pay for something like this: $50, $40, or maybe $20? Try $258.50 and you have to provide the SD flash. Word to the wise: SSD prices are dropping fast -- you'll pay about the same price for a full 16GB SSD card if you can hold on until June or so.

[Via Akihabara News]

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