Ritek's 16GB and 32GB SSDs starting at a low, low $270

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Thomas Ricker
January 9th, 2007
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Ritek's 16GB and 32GB SSDs starting at a low, low $270

Well hot damn kids, Ritek just announced that their take on the Solid State Disk (SSD) will begin shipment this year. Impressive enough seeing as how only Samsung (and perhaps TDK) can pull this off currently. But what if we told you that they'll cost your friendly OEM a mere $169 to slip 16GB of that cool RiDATA flash into your swank new laptop? That's right, just $169 for a 1.8-inch 16GB SSD or $199 for the 2.5-inch version. They'll also offer 32GB SSDs at launch (64GB near the end of the year) which we can only assume will be less than twice the cost of the 16GB version when purchased in bulk. That's damn cheap, and likely far less than the $600 premium already quoted for the 1.8-inch 32GB SSD from SanDisk. When? Q2, that's when. Can you wait?

Update: Bad news: DigiTimes now states that the Ritek 1.8-inch, 16GB and 32GB SSD cards will cost $270 (not $169 as originally reported) and $475, respectively. Still, not bad.
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