SanDisk announces 32GB SSD: prices begin to fall

If yesterday's announcement by Samsung was a tiny step in the direction of solid state disk (SSD) ubiquity, then today's announcement by SanDisk is a freakin' leap. That's right, the big bad daddy of consumer flash -- SanDisk -- joins Samsung and TDK today with a 32GB SSD drive all their own. The 1.8-inch SSD delivers a sustained read-rate of 62MBps and a random read rate of 7,000 inputs/outputs per second (IOPS) for a 512-byte transfer – more than 100 times faster than most hard disk drives. Fine, but the most notable detail in the press release is the price. According to SanDisk, their 32GB SSD could increase the end-user price by "around $600" when released in laptops computers in the first half of 2007. That's down -- way down -- from the $900 to $1,400 premium we were paying for SSD equipped gear. Come 'ere, group hug all.