Fujitsu's Lifebook Q and B laptops get 32GB SSD

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Fujitsu's Lifebook Q and B laptops get 32GB SSD
In a trend we see as nothing but good, Fujitsu just announced the availability of Samsung's 16GB or 32GB Solid State Disks in their Lifebook Q and B series laptops. Just prepare to throw down heavy on the Yen son, 'cause the SSD option demands a significant ¥84,000/¥168,000 (about $703/$1,406) premium for that flash durability, cut in weight, extended battery life, and supposed 25-to-50% reduction in boot and sleep recovery times. However, check that video of two HDD and SSD systems booting side-by-side which we can only assume are otherwise identical... not exactly twice as fast, eh?

[Via Impress]
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