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Thrustmaster waggles out Wii charging stand and controller sleeves

Alright, so they're not the first peripheral company out the door with a stand / case / charger combo unit for the Wii -- that honor belongs to Nyko's $30 Wii recharge station -- but Thrustmaster does aim to be the cheapest. The $25 T-Charge NW provides a set of black silicone sleeves, one for the Wiimote and one for the oft-neglected nunchuk, and a stand that not only holds both of them, but charges via USB. Not interested in the charging functionality? Settle for the $15 T-Care NW stand which just holds the combo, and comes with the sleeves. Not feeling the stands at all? The silicons sleeves are sold solo for $10. Lastly, for the completists out there (you know who you are), get the T-Charge NW and the T-Care NW with accompanying sleeves all bundled together for $35.

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