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Fake Steve, now with sponsorship

Scott McNulty

If you have been around the Mac web once or twice then you are most certainly aware of Fake Steve (he invented the friggin' iPod, after all). Not too long ago his Fake Steveness put out a plea: Stevie needed cash to support his fake vegan lifestyle or the blog would have to suffer. Now, I won't lie to you and say we here at TUAW didn't try to get Fake Steve to join us. Negotiations were going well until I pointed out that white might not be the best color for keyboards; Fake Steve certainly isn't fake mercurial. Luckily, it would seem the powers that be at Wired were more successful in navigating the choppy waters of Fake Steve's ways and have agreed to sponsor his blog.

Fake Steve assures us that nothing will change, and who am I to disagree?

Thanks, Nik.

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