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Kodak launches image printing service for cellphone cameras

Brian White

Although there are more and more embedded cameras in cellphones these days with PictBridge compatibility for local printing at your friendly CVS or Kmart, Kodak wants you to send them that nicer digital picture from that 2 megapixel shooter for processing and printing. Kodak is one of the first to say that the increasing image quality of digicams in cellphones is opening up a new market, although we've been waiting for a while, you know. Kodak's partnership with Exclaim will allow its "Mobile Link" service -- which Kodak describes as very near to its Easyshare system -- to find its way to CDMA handsets with Brew compatibility. In the U.S., you'll most likely be stuck with Verizon Wireless, the largest CDMA carrier with that combination. For all others, you're out of luck for now. We do find it strange that both Verizon and Sprint are referenced in the announcement when Sprint's phones use Java and not Brew. The price for Kodak's service will be $4 per month.

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