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Mouse on a mini bicycle could power Nintendo's Wii

Blake Snow

In this a console war of one upmanship, HCW compares the power consumption of all three consoles including a mid-range PC machine. The result? Wii can help you save mother earth when powered on while both the 360 and PS3 are electricity hogs, especially during movies. According to the study, just having your console plugged in will cost you about a buck fifty for the entire month. And while Wii is clearly the most power efficient console ("It's a GameCube incognito!"), if WiiConnect24 is turned on in standby mode, you could end up paying close to $7 a month. Click onward for complete testing deets and usage comparisons.

UPDATE: HCW has since updated their originally flawed math to $1/month when WiiConnect24 is connected and $.20 for PS3 to be plugged in (which they originally cited as $1.50).

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