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SpyMe 2: Multiple Remote Management

Mat Lu

If you need to remotely administer a bunch of Macs, the obvious solution is Apple Remote Desktop. There's just one problem: the pricetag. ARD runs $299 for 10 managed systems or $499 for an unlimited number of managed systems. Of course, if you're the geeky type you can use OS X's built-in VNC with something like Chicken of the VNC, but it can be a little tricky to set up, and generally only allows you to control one computer per window. Enter SpyMe 2 from ReadPixel. SpyMe offers similar functionality to ARD, allowing you monitor the screens a number of remote Macs simultaneously, take control of any one of them, or even lock all of them (so as to prevent the kids from surfing when they're supposed to be listening). Best of all, SpyMe 2 is reasonably priced at $15 (for 3 machines), $35 (for 10), or $95 (for an unlimited number) and a demo is available.

[Via My Own Reality]

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