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Ars' First Look at Joost

Mat Lu

We recently mentioned that the Joost IPTV streaming video service had released an Intel Mac compatible beta version of their client. Now Ars Technica has put up a First Look and it looks pretty darn cool. While there are still some rough edges to be ironed out with text and performance, Ars reports that "the Mac client is a near replica of the Windows client" and "provided a good Mac experience, with no real navigational or functionality problems to speak of." This sort of thing is exactly what makes the Intel transition so great. It's hard to imagine that we'd be getting nearly as many of these sorts of things on the Mac were we still on PPC. It's unfortunate that owners of PPC Macs are shut out, but perhaps they can console themselves with the thought that now they have yet another good reason to upgrade! Unfortunately, the Joost service is still closed to new users (though you can register for an invite). I've been waiting for a while, but reports like this make me that much more eager to get one so I try it out for myself.

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