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Motorola ic902 iDEN / CDMA hybrid approved by the FCC

Brian White

Our revealing pals over at the FCC have just approved the Motorola ic902 iDEN / CDMA hybrid handset, which will be the flagship hybrid sold by Sprint Nextel sometime very soon -- we hope. Specs so far include dual color displays with a nice 2.2 inch QVGA main diplay and stereo speakers for that onboard music player. Of course, no iDEN / CDMA handset would be complete without one of those 2 megapixel shooters and a microSD card slot. If you're into the EV-DO world of Sprint but like Nextel's Walkie-Talkie feature (formerly Direct Connect), this may be your new love. Now that it has been approved by the FCC, we expect an announcement from Sprint Nextel -- the question, though, is when?

[via phoneArena]

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