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Breakfast Topic: A little tune to set the mood

Mike Schramm

cadoret over on the WoW Livejournal asks for some good music to listen to while capturing the flag in Warsong Gulch. cad wants some "badass, probably techno/house" music, but for some WSG matches, I really feel Benny Hill sets the mood quite well.

But seriously, what's good music for anything in Azeroth? Last time we discussed this one, David said he watches TV while playing more than listening to music. and while I do that quite often, I've also been known to squeeze in a podcast or two while grinding away. Truthfully, when I listen to music while playing, it just tends to be whatever I've been listening to lately-- I don't actually choose, say, the Lord of the Rings soundtrack to accompany my epic quests.

But what about you? Do you listen to music, or need a certain genre for PvP or grinding? During instances, I tend to keep background noise off-- I figure I owe it to the people I'm with to pay attention. But while grinding on my own, anything goes. What's on your WoW playlist?

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