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FCC sees Pantech C150 for AT&T (we think)

Chris Ziegler

Pantech seems to be getting awfully buddy-buddy with the US' largest GSM carrier as of late -- or at least that's what the FCC would have us believe, spilling the proverbial beans recently on the 3G C600 and the C510 with that new-skool AT&T branding atop its shell. Believe it or not, it seems the partnership is going to run a little deeper still; this here "C150" just showed up on our FCC radar, and thanks to the FCC's interest and the letter "C" in the name, we suspect this one will also be heading over to Cingular / AT&T. The low model number suggests that this will be a cheap or free entry in AT&T's lineup, which is corrobrated by the fact that the handset rocks just three bands of GSM coverage (850 and 1900 both included) and precisely zero bands of WCDMA. Is Pantech sneaking up on LG's market share here or what?

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